It’s time for a fresh start

I’m running because I believe we need a fresh start. We need new, young, talented leaders to renew the Alberta Advantage.

With the new United Conservative Party of Alberta, we have a unique opportunity to start fresh. 

We have a clean slate and we should take advantage of that. We must take hold of this opportunity to nominate a new generation of leaders. Ones who are committed to the cause of unity, are accomplished, invested in their community and unapologetically Conservative!

We need people who are in it for the right reasons.

I have never run before and will bring a fresh new perspective to government.

As an academic, published author, university instructor, mediator and communications expert, I will bring a unique style and approach to the Legislature.

As a nominee for the Top 40 Under 40 Award, I will bring an impressive track record of accomplishment, success and dedication to government.

As a long-time community volunteer and advocate, I know the interests, needs, and desires of our community better than anyone else. Along with my wife and two daughters, my parents, siblings, and cousins all live in the riding.

This is my home and I would never consider running anywhere but here.  

With new ideas we will renew the Alberta Advantage and build a prosperous and generous society for all.


About me

As hardworking entrepreneurs, Demetrios’ family instilled the values and principles that helped him become the person he is today. Through hard work, perseverance, compassion, charity and education, Demetrios established himself as a scholar and academic in the field of Political Science, specializing in ethnic-nationalist conflict and eastern Mediterranean geopolitical security.

Watching the NDP destroy every trace of the Alberta advantage, Demetrios knew it was time to act! With the support and encouragement of his family, friends, community leaders and UCP MLAs, Demetrios decided to fight to build a better Alberta.

In 2015, Albertans rejected an approach to politics that dominated Alberta for over 40 years. During my involvement in the 2015 election, I heard that message loud and clear. The upcoming nominations present us all with a unique opportunity to build a party and government of the future. One that is new, fresh and young, that embraces new perspectives and fresh ideas. Not only am I running to build a prosperous and generous society, but I am also running to say no to political opportunists and those whose sole aim is simply to get elected.

With a new united party, we have a unique opportunity to bring a fresh, new perspective to politics. With new ideas, we will renew the Alberta Advantage and build a prosperous and generous society for all!

With the support of his family and neighbours, Demetrios made the decision to seek the UCP Nomination in his home constituency of Calgary-Bow. It is through faith and love for this great province that Demetrios ask for your support in this nomination. 

Together, we can renew the Alberta Advantage and ensure our children and all future generations have a province that rewards hope and hard-work with unlimited potential and prosperity. 

Family Life

Demetrios is a born and raised Calgarian. Who completed his BA in International Relations from the University of Calgary, MA in Conflict Studies in Austria and his PhD in Political Science from the University of Cyprus.

His academic success was driven by the importance his parents placed on a high-quality education. Demetrios’ story and that of his parents is one that is common to many Albertans. With little opportunity, Demetrios’ parents immigrated to Canada from their native Cyprus. In Alberta, they found a government that knew the best thing it could do was to get out of the way.

With the promise of opportunity, his parents followed in the footsteps of many working-class Greek immigrant families and found success in the restaurant industry. Growing up with very little, Demetrios’ parents emphasized the importance of charitable giving, compassion, being a good neighbour and of active participation in your community. 

Demetrios met his soulmate Michelle in Cyprus and they have been married for 6 years and together have two daughters aged 3.5 and 6 months. They live together in Cougar Ridge.

A Love for Education

Beginning at a young age, Demetrios was a passionate learner. He enjoyed reading and exploring new topics. His appetite to learn more grew during his undergraduate studies at the UofC, which propelled him to pursue a Masters and eventually a PhD. But Demetrios did not stop there. after completing his PhD, Demetrios completed training in Mediation and Arbitration. In his professional career as a communications expert, Demetrios enjoys the opportunity to teach and coach senior business leaders from across Canada. He is an instructor at the University of Winnipeg’s Asper School of Business and the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business. He has also fought to improve education in Calgary and has helped Trustee candidates get elected. 

My parents had no formal education and they fought to give me the opportunities they didn’t have. I’m passionate about education and believe all Albertans deserve the highest quality public education possible and a wide-array of educational choices to meet every child’s individual needs.

Career Success

As a communications expert, Demetrios works with business leaders from across Canada and internationally to communicate as a leader. He has worked with several fortune 500 companies including CP Rail, Nutrien, TD Bank, RBC, Bayer, Tolko, COOP and ATCO. He has also helped support Calgary’s oil-patch by coaching senior leaders at Husky, Enbridge and Transalta. 

Recognized for his career success, academic accomplishments and community volunteerism, Demetrios was nominated for the Top 40 Under 40 award.