Calgary-Bow is my home.


I would never run in any other area!

One of the main reasons I decided to run is because I live, work and play in the constituency. I have been an active community volunteer and for years have worked to make our community a better place. I have been a volunteer with the Coach Hill / Patterson Heights Community Association and helped the organization modernize and strengthen its activities. I also volunteered with the West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association and am a vocal advocate fighting to mitigate the negative impacts of the West Springs gravel pit.  

I believe that a candidate must not only live in the community in which they want to represent, but they must also have a strong track-record of leadership and volunteerism in the neighbourhood.

I will not sit by while a parachute candidate, who has no connection to the area, steps-in to try and become your elected representative. 

The constituency of Calgary-Bow contains approximately 51,000 residents and is the second largest constituency, by population, in Calgary and sixth largest in the province.

The constituency is located on the west end of Calgary and includes the following communities:

  • Coach Hill
  • Patterson Heights
  • West Springs / Wentworth
  • Cougar Ridge
  • Crestmont
  • Valley Ridge
  • Greenwood/Greenbriar
  • Bowness
  • Montgomery
  • Wildwood