I’m running to be the next Conservative MLA for Calgary-Bow!

Over the last few years, this NDP government has made a bad situation worse. The crash in oil prices put considerable strain on our province’s finances and like putting gasoline on a fire, the NDP has made things much worse. At a time when families needed relief, the NDP hiked the carbon tax and made life more expensive. But they didn’t stop there. They went after Alberta’s farmers and ranchers by imposing new workplace rules, without consulting them. But they didn’t stop there. They initiated a completely unnecessary royalty review and drove foreign investors away. Investment in our oil and gas sector has dropped by 61% between 2014 – 2018. But they didn’t stop there. They attacked the largest employer in the province; small business owners. They increased the minimum wage and handcuffed employers with more red tape. But they didn’t stop there. They began a secret re-write of our school curriculum, and through their front groups, they began a coordinated campaign against private schools and Catholic schools. 

Despite all of this, I look to the future with promise and hope. We’ve ended years of infighting and brought the Conservative family back together again. Many said it couldn’t be done. They said there wasn’t enough time. They said it was illegal. They said it would ensure a second NDP term. 

But despite all the obstacles a new, fresh and united party was born! I was proud to have fought from the very beginning to help achieve unity. It was time to put our province first! We needed to put party politics aside and embark on a bold and courageous vision for the future. We sailed into uncharted waters and can see a brighter future on the horizon.

But there are still bumps ahead. As we begin nominating candidates, we must ensure to start with a clean new slate. 

We must take hold of this opportunity to nominate a new generation of leaders. Ones who are committed to the cause of unity, are accomplished, invested in their community and unapologetically Conservative!

We need people who are in it for the right reasons.

I have never run before and will bring a fresh new perspective to government.

As an academic, published author, university instructor, mediator and communications expert, I will bring a unique style and approach to the Legislature.

As a nominee for the Top 40 Under 40 Award, I will bring an impressive track record of accomplishment, success and dedication to government.

As a long-time community volunteer and advocate, I know the interests, needs, and desires of our community better than anyone else. Along with my wife and two daughters, my parents, siblings, and extended family all live in the riding.

This is my home and that is why I have decided to seek the UCP nomination here in my home of Calgary-Bow!

I believe that it’s time for a fresh new start! 

Let me tell you why I can deliver the fresh start we need.

  • I have a strong track record of success. They say the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior, so let me tell you a little about my past accomplishments. I have a PhD in Political Science, specializing in ethnic-conflict. I have published on a wide-range of topics including eastern Mediterranean geopolitical security, European politic, and the Cyprus dispute. I am an accredited Mediator and volunteer at the Calgary Small Claims Court.I am an instructor in the Executive Education programs at the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business and the University of Saskatoon’s Edwards School of Business.  As a communications expert, I have worked with leaders in our energy sector and as nominated for the Top 40 Under 40 Award. 


  • I am not a politician. In fact, I have never before run for public office, but have been compelled to do so because of the NDP’s damaging policies and on the encouragement of several UCP MLAs. 


  • I am a proven community leader. I volunteer with the West Springs/Cougar Ridge and the Coach Hill / Patterson Heights Community Associations. I helped push for enhanced mitigation with the West Springs Gravel Pit and have flipped pancakes at community Stampede breakfasts for years. I served on the Board of Directors for the Federation of Calgary Communities, the Calgary-West PC Association, was President of the Calgary-Bow PC Association, I’m currently a member of the Board for the Calgary-Bow UCP Association and the Greek Community of Calgary. I served as the campaign manager for Lisa Davis during her 2017 CBE School Trustee campaign and for Richard Gotfried during the 2015 provincial election. I also served as the riding captain for Jason Kenney here in Calgary-Bow during the UCP Leadership Election and fought, from day one, to achieve unity. 


In closing, I ask for your help. The first step is to get on the ballot as the official UCP candidate for Calgary-Bow. Sometime this Fall, members of the party, who live in the constituency will vote and decide who will become the official candidate.

To have a say in this process, I ask that you sign-up as a member. Complete the form below and help renew the Alberta Advantage.