The completion of the Ring Road is a top concern for people in Calgary-Bow. As I continue my door-knocking in the community, the issue of the Ring Road comes up time and time again.

It is a critical piece of infrastructure that will help strengthen our economy and will create needed jobs to help get our province back on track.

As well, it is a much-needed artery for many residents of Calgary-Bow. For those in Cougar Ridge, West Springs, Coach Hill, and Patterson, the development of the Ring Road will alleviate traffic congestion and provide residents with more travel options.

As your next MLA, I will fight to ensure the Ring Road is completed as soon as possible. 

Here are the things I will do to fight for the Ring Road:

  • I will keep you informed of new developments. Often times, we find out about new developments and construction projects after they have already begun. This should not be the case. Many people in West Springs and Cougar Ridge were caught completely off-guard when they heard about a gravel pit being built in their backyard. Residents deserve better!


  • I will meet regularly with the Minister of Transportation. The Minister needs to know how important the completion of the Ring Road is to residents of Calgary-Bow. Through my meetings, I will ensure the Minister fully understands the views and concerns of residents and that he/she has the complete picture.


  • I will have regular town hall meetings and information sessionsIt is incredibly disappointing that our existing MLA has not held a single townhall or public information session of any kind to keep residents informed. While there have been some townhall meetings and information sessions, these have all been organized by either Alberta Transportation or local area residents. I will ensure that the MLA’s office organizes frequent townhalls so that questions can be answered.

If you agree with my approach to fighting for the development of the Ring Road, please sign-up as a member and vote in the upcoming UCP nomination. Our community deserves someone who is a proven community leader. Someone who knows and understands your concerns and frustrations. 

If you agree with the need to have community-based leadership, please sign-up as a member and vote in the upcoming UCP nomination.

Together, we can ensure a fresh start!