We must repeal the carbon tax.

To quote Jason Kenney, “The carbon tax is all economic pain and no environmental gain.” Nothing captures my views on the topic more accurately.

I hear people’s frustrations about the carbon tax every single day! Whether door-knocking in Bowness or chatting with family in Coach Hill, the carbon tax continues to be a source of frustration and displeasure.

Almost everyone is in agreement; the carbon tax must go!

As a scholar and Ph.D. holder, I am committed to making evidence-based decisions and when we look at the carbon tax, the numbers just don’t add up. Simply look at the information below. In 2011, BC implemented a $30/tonne carbon tax, but immediately after, emissions began to rise. Again, a carbon tax is ineffective in reducing emissions.

A report by the Pembina Institute suggests that BC is projected to see a 39% INCREASE in emissions by 2030.

The same report also shows that between 2011 and 2014, emissions climbed by 1.8Mt of carbon dioxide equivalent, equal to 380,000 cars on the roads.

It’s clear, a carbon tax does not work in reducing emissions.

As your MLA, I will vote to repeal the carbon tax at the earliest possible opportunity!

If you agree that we need to repeal the carbon tax, please sign-up as a member and vote in the upcoming UCP nomination. By doing so, you will help me get on the ballot. This is a critical first step in becoming your next MLA.

Together, we can ensure a fresh start!