It’s time for a fresh start!

Everyone remembers the 2015 election. When 44yrs of PC government came to an end.

As the campaign manager for Richard Gotfried during that election, I heard the message from Albertans loud and clear. They were tired of an old-style approach to politics and they were frustrated with what they perceived to be an elite and entitled mentality.

With a new united party, we have a unique opportunity to bring fresh new perspectives to government.

As we prepare to nominate candidates for the upcoming provincial election, we must recognize that this is a unique opportunity to make a change. With a clean slate, we must nominate individuals who will not only help us defeat the NDP but help us ensure the long-term sustainability of our conservative movement.

That is why my campaign is striving to achieve a fresh start.

Calgary-Bow deserves an MLA who is a proven community leader and who has a strong track-record of accomplishment and achievement.

I ask for your support to help bring a fresh start to our community and to our government.